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January 8, 2006 And looky here. A movie related ficlet. I wrote it a while back, but didn't get around to putting it up here. I kinda knew this might appear. Interlude  NC-17. Slight spoilers for Serenity. Simon follows Mal.

October 1, 2005

Well folks, it's been quite the ride, hasn't it? The observant among you might notice that the series Serendipity has disappeared off this archive. The third and final part has been moldering, unfinished, on my hard drive for over a year and I honestly don't think I'm ever going to finish it, so rather than have a perpetually unfinished WIP sitting around here, I've decided to let it go.

Just over 140 Firefly fics lie below. Enjoy. Maybe some day there will be something new. Knowing me, probably ten minutes after I post this, I'll be attacked by a vicious plot bunny that absolutely insists on being written. sf

Slashy Goodness

Stand Alones


Afternoon Delight  NC-17. A little midday naughtiness.

Ask a Silly Question...  NC-17.Mal asks a silly question and gets a very satisfying answer.

Beyond Words  R. Simon makes a silent offer, Mal accepts.

Blue Moon  NC-17. Mal wants to share a little moon light with Simon.

Concussed  G. While under the influence of drugs, Simon lets slip a secret.

Definitions of Home  G, ficlet. Simon contemplates the meaning of the word home.

Demons  G. Simon offers Mal some comfort.

First Encounter  R, ficlet. Ever wonder what Mal was thinking when he first met Simon?

Lost Conversation  G, ficlet. A missing scene from Jaynestown wherein Jayne asks Mal a question.

Love  G, ficlet. Kaylee sees something she wishes she hadn't.

Lost  PG, ficlet. Warning: character death.

Marking Territory  NC-17. Simon makes a move and marks his territory.

Masquerade  NC-17. Mal discovers he has a new kink. If guys in drag are not your thing...look away.

My Pet  NC-17. Yet another kink for Mal. Who knew he had so many secrets. Warning: some leather and rough sex.

Reciprocation  G, ficlet. River tells Simon something he wants to hear.

The Right Thing  G. Simon gets slipped something interesting in a nightclub. Mal interrupts his fun with some new friends. Guest starring Yohji and Aya from Weiß Kreuz. Technically, a crossover.

Stolen Moment  G, ficlet. Mal and Simon in a tree...oh all right, the corridor, but you get the idea.

Swayed by Emotion  PG-13. A drunken Simon comes onto Mal.

Trust and Love  NC-17. A massage, some sex, and a bit of soul searching. Warning: here there be rimming.

Worn  G, ficlet. Simon contemplates his shoes.

X Marks the Spot  NC-17. Mal connects the dots, which just happen to be all over Simon's skin.


A Tub and a Rub  NC-17. Simon, Jayne, one tub. What else to you need?

Afterglow  R. Jayne ponders after sex.

Comfort  G. Jayne tries to comfort Simon.

Conserving Water  NC-17. Jayne jumps Simon in the shower.

Crash Landing  PG Simon/Jayne. Simon gets hurt in a shuttle crash, Jayne takes care of him.

Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies  PG-13. Jayne's hiding something under his bunk. Warning: unbelievably cute and schmoopy.

Desire  NC-17 Simon/Jayne. Simon lets his desire overcome his common sense.

Family  PG-13, because Simon has a potty mouth when he's angry. So...Jayne and Simon are raising a kid together. Warning: High schmoop alert.

Intoxicated  G, ficlet. Simon is intoxicated by Jayne.

Jealousy  PG-13. The green-eyed monster rears it's ugly head and puts Simon and Jayne's relationship in danger.

The Morning After  PG-13. Jayne takes care of Simon the morning after.

Patience  G, ficlet. Simon needs Jayne to be patient with him.

Perversity  PG-13, ficlet. Simon's life is complicated enough.

Riding Lessons  NC-17. Simon learns to ride.

Sacrifice and Reward  NC-17. Jayne makes a sacrifice, Simon rewards him.

Secrets  G, ficlet. Jayne has a secret he doesn't want River to figure out.

Shut Yer Pretty Mouth  G, ficlet. Jayne told Simon to shut up.

Snowfall  G. A bit of silliness in the snow.

Start of Something New  G. The morning after the night before.

Starting Over  NC-17. Simon realizes he was an idiot for breaking up with Jayne. Make-up sex ahead.

Stolen Kisses  G, ficlet. Kissage in a dark corner.

Surprises  G, ficlet. Simon ponders some of the surprises in his life.

Taking a Chance  NC-17. Simon and Jayne decide it may just be worth it.

Tongue-tied  G. The morning after the night before.

Working it Out  NC-17. Simon and Jayne work out. With weights. And in the shower...

Worth  G, ficlet. Jayne finds out how much Simon is worth.


Forgiveness  NC-17, ficlet. Considering the circumstances, Mal decides to forgive Jayne.

Judgement  NC-17. Mal thinks he's made a mistake with Jayne.

Nightmares  NC-17. Even big bad mercenaries have nightmares every now and again. Good thing Mal's there to make it all better. Warning: slight description of the aftermath of a Reaver attack.

One Night in New Bangkok  NC-17. Mal wakes up under Jayne after a night of carousing.


Into the Closet  NC-17. The boys find themselves hiding in a closet. Naughtiness ensues.


Home on the Range  Mal/other, NC-17. A story about how Mal may have lost his virginity on that ranch with 40 hands.


Possession  NC-17. Three little drabbles about the nature of possession. Warning: submission and dominance and rough sex.


Meanwhile Down the Corridor  NC-17. Ever wonder what River gets up to when Simon is otherwise "occupied"?


Adventures of Simon Tam: Companion

Simon Tam: Wayward Babe  Jayne/Simon PG-13. In this alternate universe, Simon is a Companion-in-training. While out looking for some fun, he meets some people we're all familiar with.

The Party  Jayne/Simon R. Jayne and Simon reunite at a party and fool around in an alcove.

And They Lived Happily Ever After  Jayne/Simon PG. Simon asks Jayne to marry him - and he says yes. Remember, this is an alternate universe ; )


Shattered  Mal/Simon NC-17. Simon gets raped, Mal and Jayne try to pick up the pieces. Warning: Aftermath of gang rape described.

Mended  Mal/Simon R. Mal puts Simon back together again.

Decisions  Simon/Jayne, Mal/Simon NC-17. After River lets Simon in on Jayne's secret, Simon has to make a decision.

Sharing  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. While celebrating Simon's birthday, Mal and Jayne discover a new way to share.

All in a Day

Morning  Simon/Mal NC-17. Simon loves waking up first

Afternoon  Simon/Mal G. Mal + Simon + Jayne = angst

Night  Simon/Mal NC-17. Mal apologizes. Hot make-up sex ahead.

Another 'Verse

The Rescue  Simon/Mal and Simon/Jayne (sort of); Simon/others (mentions) R. This is a response to an AU challenge that asked - what if Simon and River hadn't boarded Serenity and ended up with "Evil Bastard Captain" at first and then later encountered Mal. Warning: mentions of very rough, non-conish sex.

The Departure  Simon/Mal and Simon/Jayne (sort of) PG-13. After setting things right, Jayne decides it's time to leave.

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes  Simon/Jayne G. A bit of pre-slash drabble...and a kiss.

Interruptions  Simon/Jayne NC-17. After a series of interruptions, Jayne and Simon finally find some privacy.

Fit to be Tied  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon and Jayne play a game of trust. Warning: slight BDSM.

Crime and Punishment  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Jayne makes a really dumb mistake.

Fun and Games  Simon/Jayne, Simon/Jayne/Mal NC-17. Simon notices that Mal's been watching him and Jayne an awful lot lately.

Interludes  Simon/Jayne/Mal NC-17. Simon, Mal, and Jayne having fun together. Warning: slight BDSM.

Shot Through the Heart  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon almost loses Jayne.


A Trip to the Infirmary  Simon/Jayne PG-13. Jayne makes a pass at Simon.

A Visit to Jayne's Bunk  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon accepts the pass.

A Journey to the Heart of the Matter  Simon/Jayne PG-13. Simon gets himself into a little bit of trouble. Woobie Simon alert. He gets smacked around in this one. Serious cliché alert too, btw.


Revelations  PG-13. Mal figures something out with a little help from Jayne and Simon tells Kaylee something important. Spoiler for Heart of Gold.

Complications  PG-13. Complications have a way of finding you whether you want them or not.

Resolution  PG-13. Mal makes a decision.


Control  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Being in control is very important to Simon.

Maintaining Control  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon does everything in his power to maintain control of the situation.

Losing Control  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon and Jayne are both losing control.


Letting Go  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Jayne helps Simon to let go. Warning: Sub/Dom overtones.

The Claim  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Jayne makes his claim, Simon accepts. Warning: Sub/Dom overtones.


Falling Apart  Simon/Jayne PG, ficlet. Jayne knows.

Falling Apart II  Simon/Jayne PG, ficlet. Simon needs to tell Jayne something but finds he can't.

Pieces  Simon/Jayne G, ficlet. Jayne sorts through the pieces.

Pieces II  Simon/Jayne PG-13, ficlet. Simon leaves the pieces left in his possession.


Bound and Drugged  Simon/Mal, Simon/Jayne R. Jayne and the Captain are bound and at a drugged Simon's mercy.

Unfinished Business  Simon/Mal, Simon/Jayne R. Jayne decides that he and the doctor have unfinished business to take care of.

End Game  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. Mal and Jayne enact their revenge, only to find the tables turned.

The Hotel

The Romp  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon and Jayne have a sexcapade in a hotel room.

The Slumber Party  Mal/Inara, sort of PG. Mal reflects on what he was up to while Jayne and Simon were at it like bunnies.


Dreaming  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. Simon dreams.

Reality  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. Sometimes dreams come true.

Outside World  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. Simon, Mal, and Jayne cause a bit of a stir in a bar.

Pleasure, Pain, and Passion  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. The boys get up to some interesting games after returning from the outside world. Warning: BDSM - nothing too hard core, but if it squicks you, please read no further.

Concerns  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. There are some concerns about the rough play that's been going on.

Reunion  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. Mal and Jayne really missed Simon when they were away. Warning: BDSM - nothing too hard core, but if it squicks you, please read no further.

Together  Simon/Mal/Jayne NC-17. The boys get together after a rough week.

Relax  Simon/Mal/Jayne G, ficlet. Simon has a killer headache, Mal and Jayne help him relax.

It's All a Matter of Perspective

Some Things Ain't Right  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Jayne struggles with his attraction to Simon. Simon knows what he wants and takes it. Squick alert: rimming.

Whipped  Simon/Jayne G, ficlet. Sometimes the side long glances get to Jayne. Will Simon let him fight? Written as a brief interlude.

Wrapped Around his Finger  Simon/Jayne NC-17. More naughty fun above a bar.

Touching and Feeling

Touch  Simon/Mal NC-17. Mal is touching Simon. What more do you need?

Feel  Simon/Mal NC-17. Mal needs to feel Simon as much as Simon needs to be touched.

Tour of Duty

The Catwalk  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Jayne bends Simon over a rail.

The Galley  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon makes good on his promise that he picks the location next time.

The Engine Room  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Maybe Kaylee isn't the only one that likes engines.

The Cockpit  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Time for the cockpit to see some action.

The Infirmary  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Moving onto the infirmary.

Jayne's Bunk  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Simon and Jayne finally make it to a bed. Warning: rimming ahead.

Inara's Shuttle  NC-17 The boys sneak off to Inara's shuttle. Series: Tour of Duty, Sequel to Jayne's Bunk.


Torment  Simon/Jayne R. Jayne has trouble expressing how he feels about Simon.

No Regrets  Simon/Jayne NC-17. Jayne convinces Simon to get a tattoo, Simon surprises Jayne with the design.


Taking Things Slow  Simon/Mal R. Mal wants to take things slow with Simon. Simon tries to change his mind.

Full Speed Ahead  Simon/Mal NC-17. Simon finds a new way to drive Mal wild.

Blind Curve  Simon/Mal NC-17. Fun with fruit and a blindfold.

Weather Patterns

Rain  NC-17. Simon and Mal get caught out in the rain and end up in a shack in the woods.

Clear Skies  NC-17. Simon and Mal finish what they started in the shack. Warning: Here there be rimming.

Heat Wave  NC-17. The environmental controls go wonky. Mal finds some ice...

Whiskey and Romance

Whiskey and Waltzing  Simon/Mal NC-17. Simon knows what he wants and goes for it.

Declaration and Discovery  Simon/Mal NC-17. Mal makes a declaration and Simon discovers that Mal REALLY likes his vests.

Friends and Family  Simon/Mal NC-17. Mal and Simon decide to let their friends and family know about their relationship.

Romance and Rose Petals  Simon/Mal NC-17. Mal arranges a short, romantic getaway for himself and Simon. Warning: high schmoop alert.


Insomnia  Kaylee/Simon NC-17. Simon has difficulty sleeping until he runs into Kaylee in the kitchen.

Moment in Time  Kaylee/Simon NC-17. Simon and Kaylee in a tub.

Point of No Return  Kaylee/Simon G, ficlet. Simon finally makes a decision about Kaylee.

Ruined  Kaylee/Simon G, ficlet. Kaylee says the wrong thing.


Changes  G, ficlet. A little speculation into Jayne's past.

Coming Home  G. Simon goes undercover and sees what he's been missing. My answer to the question "if he had a chance to go back to his old life would he?"

Mind Games  G, ficlet. River's playing some kind of game with Jayne. Spoilers for Trash.

Lost and Found  G, ficlet. Jayne's lost something. Bit of a silly fic.

Right  PG, ficlet. Simon will do anything to protect his sister.


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