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Notes: Big *smoochies* to dirty_diana for the beta.

Mal feels sick. He takes in a long heaving breath and tries not to think about what heís doing, trying not to see the horror and shock on most of the crewís faces, or the knowing stare on Zoe's. Sheís seen him like this before, and knows just how far he can go. Will go.

All those people dead. Dead because of him, because of a choice he made. A choice that wasnít really a choice. He couldnít just stand back and let it happen, watch a young woman be hunted down and killed in cold blood for abilities she never asked for, for a secret she never wanted. He tries to pretend thatís the only reason why he carried River back onto his ship. He could have succeeded to continue to fool himself, too, but for the soft sound of a step behind him.

He knows itís Simon. And not because he recognizes the soft step, nor because of the faint scent of his soap, but because Simon is the only one of the crew insane enough to try to approach him now. Everyone else can read the danger signs. Everyone else stays away, but not Simon. He can almost feel the comforting hand on his shoulder, almost hear the words that are meant to offer condolences and shared grief, but will only sound hollow in Malís ears.

Malís hands curl into fists. Why canít the boy just leave him alone? Why canít he ever leave well enough alone? Mal turns and the look on his face must dry up Simonís words, because suddenly the doctorís mouth closes and he takes a step back. Mal stares him down, taking in the paler than usual skin, the eyes full of sadness, the fidgeting hands and something in him breaks, snaps clean through and heís grabbing Simon by the shirt and slamming him up against the bulkhead so hard that he knocks the wind out of him.

He kisses Simon, kisses him hard Ė no tenderness, no comfort, just raw passion, finally giving some acknowledgement to the thing that has been between them since the day Simon first stepped onto Serenity. The thing that has tinged every conversation, every action between them, the thing that made Mal pick River up and take her back on board his ship, despite the danger Mal knew she represented. Mal ignores Simonís struggles to break free. He presses him against the wall and savages his mouth until Simon stops trying to get away and clutches at Mal, drawing him closer.

Whatever Mal feels for Inara, or Simon for Kaylee, all is pushed away and ignored in the desperate struggle to get to bare skin as they push clothing out of the way, to get their hands on each other. Malís got Simonís shirt open and pushed halfway off his shoulders so that he can touch his pale skin. Simonís hands are in Malís pants, pulling his cock out and he groans against Simonís throat. His slides his hands down Simonís body, wishing there was more time, wishing he had something he could use to fuck Simon with. He tears Simonís pants open and shoves them down far enough to release Simonís erection. Mal grabs Simon by the ass and lifts him up and presses him back against the wall. Simon clutches at Malís shoulders and wraps one leg around Malís hip. Mal takes them both into one hand, and starts to stroke. Simon gasps and arches against him.

Malís hand moves faster. Simon moans in his ear, sending shivers down his spine. He turns his head and kisses Simon. Simonís hand moves into his hair and holds him there for a long, deep kiss. Simon shudders and buries his face against Malís neck and whimpers out his name as he comes. Mal comes moments later, while Simon is still shaking in his arms. He lets go of Simonís ass and lets him slide back down to his feet. Mal rests his head against Simonís shoulder and catches his breath. He uses the tail of his shirt to wipe off his hand and Simonís stomach. He steps back and looks away from the rumpled, debauched mess heís left of Simon.

ďBest get straightened out and get back on the bridge before that sister of yours or Kaylee comes looking for you,Ē Mal says brusquely, looking down at the material in his hand, now covered in blood and semen.

After the quiet sounds of clothing being rearranged stop, Simonís hand rests on his shoulder for a moment. Then Simon leaves, without a word. He waits until heís sure Simonís gone, and then heads to his bunk to change his shirt.

Heís got a job to do.