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Notes: Written for the twenty-fifth Friday Firefly challenge on LJ . Topic: intoxication

My head is spinning.

I am intoxicated without taking a single drink - overwhelmed by him, by the way he fills my senses. The touch of his strong, callused hands as they ghost along my face, cupping my jaw and tilting my head upwards; the scent of his skin - leather and metal and sweat with just the faintest hint of smoke; the mingled tastes of mint and tobacco as his warm, wet tongue slips past my willing lips and into my mouth. My eyes are closed, but if I open them, I know I'll see his grey-blue eyes looking at me with such raw lust that my breath will catch in my throat.

He kisses me softly.

"Simon," he murmurs against my lips. The sound of my name in that low, deep voice sends shivers down my spine. He has this way of saying my name that makes me feel as though he's reached inside me and *stroked* something.

"Jayne," I whisper back, with longing I no longer hide in my voice.

In this moment, I'm his, utterly and completely his, and he knows it. I melt into his embrace and let myself be surrounded and consumed by his power, desire, and love.