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Notes: Written for the sixth LJ FF_Friday challenge. Topic: something that is lost.

I cradle his dark head against my chest, not caring that I'm getting covered in blood. I brush his hair off his forehead and lean forward and kiss his slack mouth for the last time. Tears fall from my eyes and I tremble with grief.

The smile he smiles just for me - gone.

The light in his intense hazel eyes - snuffed out forever.

The bullet had come out of nowhere. We were headed back to the ship after a job well done, laughing and joking and suddenly he stiffened, his eyes widening in shock and confusion as he turned to me, tried to say my name, and just fell forward. I caught him and went down with him in a heap. I pulled him to me and just sat there rocking back and forth with my dead lover in my arms as Zoe and Jayne hunted down the man with the gun.

I hear a voice screaming and howling - River. I open my mouth and my howls join hers. We're lost, lost maybe for good without Simon.