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Mind Games

Notes: Written for the thirteenth LJ FF_Friday challenge. Topic: games.

She was watching him. He could feel her eyes on him all the gorram time. It was unsettling. Made him feel as though thousands of bugs were crawling all over him. Made him twitchy. Made him careless.

Even though it had been months since she had first said the words to him, but they still haunt him.

I can kill you with my brain.

He wakes up in cold sweats, those words still echoing in his head.

He had talked to Mal about it. Even though things were still pretty strained between the two of them, Mal was still the only person, besides the Shepherd, that he felt comfortable talking to. Only they wouldn't laugh at him. Of course, he hadn't come right out and told Mal that the Tams knew about Ariel, he just asked him if he thought River actually could have freakish mind powers. Mal had chuckled and said no.

For some reason, it wasn't the relief that he thought it would be.

What kind of mind games was the girl playing at?