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Notes: Written for the ninth Friday Firefly challenge on LJ. Topic: Trust

I don't trust Jayne Cobb any farther than I can throw him. He sold us out on Ariel and even though that was nearly a year ago, and he hasn't done anything like it since, and we've come to a clear understanding about what might happen to him if he ever betrays us again, I'm still not entirely certain he won't.

And yet, here I lie, in bed, thinking about him. Thinking about his hands and lips on me, thinking about how much I want him to fuck me, thinking about how I'd like to wake up in his arms. Maybe it's the lack of trust that makes him so appealing. Maybe I like the danger inherent in that. Or maybe I've got space dementia, starting to fall for someone I can't trust not to hurt me - or River.

Like I don't have enough complications in my life? The 'verse in all it's perversity has to throw this at me too?