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Notes: Written for the fifth LJ FF_Friday challenge. Challenge: Use these quotations - "What do you want?", "I want it all. I want everything." ,"You're not going to get it."

Simon holds Kaylee by the arms and says desperately, "What do you want?"

Without thinking, Kaylee says, "I want it all. I want everything."

"You're not going to get it," he replies sadly and releases her abruptly. He turns on his heel and walks away.

He knew she was going to demand too much from him. He never should have gotten involved with her in the first place. Mal had warned him not to hurt Kaylee, and he'd gone and done it. He can still see the way her face crumpled and the tears that welled up in her eyes when he'd said those horrible, honest words. But he was never going to be able to give Kaylee what she wanted, what she needed. A part of him would always belong to his sister. Simon sighs sadly to himself and goes to check on River.

Kaylee mentally kicks herself over and over as she lies on her bunk crying. Why did she do it? Why? Why did she have to answer honestly? She had made due with what Simon had been able to give her all these months, but suddenly it hadn't been enough and she'd said the words that had ruined everything.