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Falling Apart

Notes: The image of Simon in the window hit me and I just had to build a fic around it. Sorry itís so depressing.

Series: Fractures

Simon stands in front of the window of the cozy hotel room, light from the fireplace painting his naked body with flashes of light as it flickers, dying. He holds the curtains aside and just stares out into the raging blizzard hammering against the glass. Simon is so lost in thought that he jumps when Jayneís arms slide around him. He relaxes as a soft kiss is placed on his shoulder and he settles back into Jayneís embrace, leaning against him.

Jayne doesnít ask what Simon is thinking about, just offers the warmth of his body as he holds his lover close. Simon lays his free arm across Jayneís and entwines their fingers. Jayne rests his cheek against Simonís head and just holds him for long moments before coaxing him back to bed.

Jayne makes love to Simon slowly and tenderly, in marked contrast to the sex that took place hours before, which had been full of all the heat and anger that came after yet another one of their vicious fights. Jayne loves Simon more than heís ever loved anyone or anything in his life, but he also knows that what they have is temporary Ė they are too different. Their backgrounds, their experiences, their expectations out of life all conspire to tear them apart and may have finally done so.

Jayne memorizes every sound, scent, texture, giving more pleasure than taking, drawing it out for as long as he can until they both slide over the edge with soft cries. No words are exchanged, none are needed. The sadness and desperation in Simonís eyes tells Jayne everything he needs to know.

He cradles Simonís trembling body in his arms, stroking silky, sweat slicked skin, kissing swollen lips gently as the aftershocks roll through them. Simon curls tightly against him, burying his face against Jayneís chest.

Jayne knows that Simon wonít be there in the morning.