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Pieces II

Notes: Thanks to skrippy for supplying the missing sentence. *smooch*

Sequel to Falling Apart II

Series: Fractures

Simon knows Jayne’s routine. It’s a simple matter of waiting until he departs his bunk for the cargo bay before slipping in to leave Jayne’s things and the book behind. He's not sure how the gift will be received; Jayne isn't one for sentimentality, but he decides to take the chance anyway. He figures the worst that could happen would be that Jayne throws it back in his face, which all things considered, he probably deserves.

He feels awkward, standing in the familiar place that had become a regular part of his life. He has no right to be here, but in the last six months he had spent more time in this tiny, dimly lit bunk than he had in the quarters that had been assigned to him. It had become his place as much as Jayne’s even though they had kept most of their possessions separate, even though they did spend the occasional night in Simon’s bunk – this place, this was theirs.

That first reckless night, when lust finally overcame sense, it was here that they had ended up, on this tiny bed, surrounded by Jayne’s weapons, fucking each other into the wee small hours of the ship’s dawn until neither of them could move. It had been glorious, those first, early days. Consumed by desire, barely speaking, they’d spent long, naked hours in this room. And later, as time had passed, they spent long quiet afternoons just being together, enjoying each other’s company – Simon reading, Jayne cleaning his various assortment of weapons.

They’d also had the first of what would turn out to be many, long, loud, vicious arguments in this room. Simon looks at the far wall and can just barely see the dent where Jayne had punched it in frustration. It had taken several stitches to fix the cuts on his knuckles.

Simon sighs quietly and shakes off the memories. He moves slowly over to the bunk and places the items on it and smoothes his hand down over the bedding. He knows he’s done the right thing, no matter how much they’re both hurting right now.

With one last look back, Simon leaves Jayne’s bunk for the last time.