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Notes: Written for the fourteenth Friday Firefly challenge on LJ. Use the phrases: "Don't kill anyone" and "You take away all my fun."

This ficlet falls between: Some Thingís Ainít Right and Wrapped Around his Finger Series: Itís All a Matter of Perspective

As soon as we come down the stairs I can hear it - the murmuring, the whispers, the scornful laughter - it sets my teeth on edge. I know I should be used to it by now, but I ain't. Simon can feel me tense up and he puts his hand on my arm to calm me. Of course, that just makes it worse, 'cause now there's smirks and knowing glances, 'cause they think I'm whipped. And maybe I am. I know I'd do just about anythin' to keep Simon happy and that includes swallowin' my pride on occasion. So insteada goin' over and crackin' some skulls, I follow Simon over to a table in the corner of the bar.

I slump in my chair and glare at the people starin' at us. Simon strokes my thigh idly and says, "Go on, get it out of your system. There's no point even trying to talk to you right now."

I look at Simon to see if he's serious, he don't usually like me fightin', and then smile when I see that he is. I get up and he squeezes my arm gently and I look down at him.

"Just don't kill anybody," he says with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Awww," I say with a pout, "You take away all my fun."

"Surely not all of it," Simon replies as he grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me down into a long, wet kiss.

After he's done licking my tonsils, he lets go of my shirt and pats me on the chest, grinnin' a sexy smile at me that sends a little thrill through me 'cause I know it means he's gonna let me take him back upstairs afterwards.

Smilin', I say, "Alright, not ALL my fun." I adjust my gun belt around my hips and head towards the crowd of sneering men, cracking my knuckles.