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Clear Skies

Notes: Be careful what you promise people if they write something for you. *grin* This is for Juli for providing me with hot man on man on man action in Down for the Count. Thanks to Juli for the fic title and advice on the series title.

Sequel to: Rain Series: Weather Patterns

Mal closes the door behind them and then puts his arms around Simonís waist and hooks his chin over his shoulder.

ďWhat do you think?Ē

ďOh, Mal,Ē Simon whispers as he leans back into Malís warm embrace, loving the way the long lines of Malís body feels pressed up against his. ďItís lovely.Ē

The small room is dominated by the double bed made up with black cotton bedding. In addition to the bed, thereís a small bedside table and another by the door with a small glass bowl on it. Mal drops the keys to the room in the bowl and walks them towards the bed.

He sits and pulls Simon down onto his lap. Mal wraps one arm around Simonís back and the other across his thighs. Cupping the back of Simonís head, burying his hand in the thick hair, Mal kisses him gently Ė a bare brushing of the lips. Simon leans into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Malís neck.

Their lips part and Mal slowly slides his tongue into Simonís mouth. Their tongues meet and caress, sliding around and around each other. Simon slides his hand up Malís neck and holds him into the kiss that grows steadily more needy, more desperate as several weeks of frustration overtake them.

They had tried and tried to get time alone on the ship after returning from the hunterís shack that rainy afternoon, but other than a few quick kisses and caresses in corners, they had been unable to make their schedules meet. Between a job that had gone desperately, horribly wrong and Riverís lapse into a series of screaming nightmares, Simon and Mal had been unable to finish what they had started all those weeks ago. Mal had developed a sudden appreciation for Zoe and Washís desire to get time off the ship.

But now, finally, they were alone together, no distractions, just them. They lose themselves in their passion, moaning quietly into each otherís mouths as they press together, arms tightening around each other.

Simon grabs Mal by the shirt with one hand and starts to lean back onto the bed, pulling Mal on top of him. They inch up the bed, bodies rubbing deliciously together until Simonís head rests on the pillows. Lips still locked together, they start to work the fastenings of each otherís clothing.

Simon slides his fingers under the edges of Malís suspenders and pushes them off his shoulders and down his arms. Mal releases the buttons of Simonís vest just long enough to slip his arms out of the suspenders. Simon tugs Malís shirt out of his pants and starts to quickly unbutton it. It becomes a race to see who can reach bare flesh first Ė one that Mal wins by ripping Simonís shirt open, sending buttons flying everywhere.

Simon gasps as Malís strong fingers stroke across his skin. Mal abandons Simonís soft, wet mouth for a moment to lay a burning trail of kisses down his neck to his collarbone. Arching into the sensation, Simon reaches around Mal and unbuttons the cuffs on his shirt and then finishes unfastening Malís shirt. He slides his fingers up Malís sides, across his chest to his shoulders and starts sliding his shirt off his shoulders.

Mal rears up on one knee and tugs his shirt off his hands and tosses it onto the floor. Simon sits up and slips out of his shirt and vest and drops them off the edge of the bed. He reaches for Mal and pulls him back down, both of them moaning softly as their bare chests meet and rub against each other.

Their lips meet again and their hands start to wander, gliding along each otherís hot skin. Mal slides his mouth down Simonís neck, along his collarbone once again. He sucks lightly, leaving a small red mark and then continues his journey downward, nipping gently at Simonís skin with his teeth, delighting in the way Simon arches and twists against his mouth.

He tongues Simonís nipples into sharp points, sliding back and forth between them, painting wet trails across Simonís chest, before moving lower. Mal pauses at Simonís navel, licking it and tongue fucking it until Simon is gasping for air and is nearly bent in half as his body contracts around the intense sensation. Moaning loudly, Simonís hands twist in the dark sheets when Mal rubs him hard through his pants. Sliding down to the edge of the bed, Mal quickly removes Simonís footwear and socks and gets rid of his own at the same time.

Mal slides his hands up Simonís legs and hips and continues up, covering Simon with his body. Simon wraps his arms tightly around Mal and gives him a long, wet kiss. Fingers digging into Malís back, Simon wraps a leg around his hip and arches into him, grinding his erection against Malís.

Their kiss turns frantic as they begin to rock together, trying to increase the friction through their remaining clothes. Mal pulls away from Simonís demanding mouth and kneels between his legs once again and starts unbuttoning Simonís pants. Simon sits up and reaches for Malís and within moments, theyíre both sliding fingers along each otherís erections.

Simonís long fingers dance up and down Malís shaft and across the head. He runs his thumb across the head and presses against the slit. Gathering the pre-come on his thumb, he rubs long slow circles around the head. Mal gasps loudly and starts to thrust into his hand. He gives Simonís cock a tight squeeze and Simonís hips buck off the bed.

Mal slides Simonís pants and underwear down his hips. ďUp,Ē he says quietly and Simon lifts his hips up off the bed so that Mal can remove the last of his clothes. Mal strokes his fingers up Simonís thighs, teasing lightly. Simon gasps quietly when Malís fingers brush against his balls. Simon reaches up and cups the back of Malís head and pulls him down for a soft gentle kiss. Simon helps Mal remove his pants and underwear and then falls back against the bed.

As Simon sprawls against the black sheets, Malís breath catches in his throat. The stark contrast of Simonís pale skin against the dark material is almost unearthly in its beauty. He finds himself staring, wanting to imprint this image on his brain.

Simon reaches for him once again, pulling him down into his warm embrace. Simon slides his hands down Malís back to his ass. Cupping it he holds Mal tightly to him as he begins to rub against him. Simon moans quietly as he increases the friction on his erection. Mal arches his hips and begins to thrust slowly against Simon. Painting each other with pre-come, sweat breaks out on their skin as they continue to rock gently against each other, exchanging sloppy, wet kisses.

Gasping and trembling with need, Mal whispers in Simonís ear, ďTurn over.Ē He holds himself up off Simonís body, just far enough for the smaller man to turn.

Simon grabs a pillow, wraps his arms around it, and rests his cheek on it. Mal lowers himself slowly onto Simon until their skin is just barely touching. Simonís body shudders under his at the light contact. As he slides down Simonís body, Mal licks a hot, wet trail down his spine with his tongue. Simonís skin twitches and shudders under his ministrations, goosebumps breaking out and spreading across his skin.

Mal settles himself between Simonís legs and begins to stroke his back in long, slow caresses. He follows his hands with his lips, just barely brushing them against Simonís skin. When Simon is practically purring and all tension has leeched out of him, Mal slowly strokes his fingers along Simonís thighs, encouraging him to spread his legs further apart. Mal runs his hands along the firm curves of Simonís ass and squeezes gently.

Mal parts Simonís cheeks and runs a finger down the cleft, teasing the puckered opening. Simonís whole body bucks and he moans loudly. Smiling to himself, Mal leans forward and licks the twitching hole.

ďFUCK!Ē Simon cries out as his body bucks even more violently.

Chuckling outright, Mal holds Simonís hips down and starts to mercilessly tease the puckered flesh with the tip of his tongue, blowing against it every now and again, just to watch it twitch and contract. Simon is mewling and whimpering, his face pressed tightly against the pillow under him in an effort to stifle his cries, when Mal starts to tongue fuck him in earnest.

Simonís whole world contracts to the intensely pleasurable sensations jolting through him. His body arches as he tries to push back against the tongue in his opening. Heís never experienced anything that has felt this good before, and yet, it is not enough. The hot, wet tongue merely teases him, taunts him, makes him want more, need more, and soon he starts to beg.

ďOh, God Mal,Ē Simon gasps. ďMore, please. Iím ready. Please fuck me. Oh God. Fuck me, fuck me.Ē

Mal lets Simon babble on begging and pleading as he continues to swirl his tongue around inside Simon, loosening the tight, virgin hole for his fingers. When heís satisfied, and Simonís pleading has taken on a harsh, desperate tone, Mal pulls his tongue out of Simonís ass. Simon makes a desperate needy sound and Mal strokes his bottom gently.

ďShhh, Simon,Ē Mal murmurs before kissing the small of his back. ďI just need to prepare you a bit more. I donít want to hurt you.Ē Mal reaches for his pants and pulls a tube of lubricant out of his pocket. He coats his fingers in the slick substance and then slowly teases Simonís opening with his fingertip. Simon moans and pushes back against the finger.

ďIn me Mal, in me, please,Ē Simon whispers.

Mal slips his finger into the tight hole and is glad that heíd taken the time to thoroughly rim Simon. Even after that, Simonís muscles contract tightly against his finger and he has to pause for a moment until they relax. Mal strokes the curve of Simonís bottom gently as he begins to slide his finger in and out of the tight opening. When Simon begins to arch back against his hand again, Mal adds a second finger and begins to scissor them gently, stretching the muscles gripping at them.

Simon lets out a moaning sigh of pleasure, clutches the pillow tightly, and starts to fuck himself on Malís fingers. Mal slips a third finger into the hot furnace of Simonís body and probes upward until he finds Simonís prostate. He brushes it gently and Simon cries out as the most intense pleasure heís ever felt jolts through him. He begins to babble incoherently as Mal strokes it again and again, pushing back harder and harder against the fingers in his ass.

When Mal withdraws his fingers Simon nearly weeps with the loss until theyíre replaced a few moments later by the slick, blunt head of his cock. As Mal starts to press into him, everything stops as his body tenses around the invader.

ďBreathe Simon, you have to breathe,Ē Mal whispers, stroking his back with gentle fingers.

Simon lets go of the breath he hadnít even realized he was holding and his body begins to relax once again. Malís cock-head presses in, past the tight ring of muscle and into him. Simon gasps in pleasurepain as Malís cock pushes into him inch by inch. There is a long, slow, nearly painful burn deep inside him that is soon replaced by a feeling of fullness, completion. By the time Malís hips touch the firm curve of his ass, they are both sweating and panting with exertion.

ďOh God, Simon,Ē Mal moans, ďSo tight, so hot.Ē

Mal rests his forehead against Simonís shoulder blade, catching his breath and giving Simonís body a chance to adjust to the intrusion. Simonís ass grips him like a second skin, the tight heat pulsing against his cock urging his body to move. He licks some of the sweat off Simonís back, kisses the damp skin, and then asks quietly, ďYou ready?Ē

Simon responds by moaning quietly and rocking his hips upwards, pushing Mal deeper inside him. Mal groans and begins to move. The rhythm he sets is slow and gentle. It takes a few tries, but after a few moments, Simon matches his pace and soon their bodies are moving in unison.

Their moans and gasps fill the small room, entwining and echoing as their bodies move against each other in a slow, steady cadence. Mal strokes the skin on Simonís shoulders and back, kissing wet trails across the skin. Simon gasps sharply when Mal bites him gently and then moans when Mal licks away the momentary sting with long, slow swipes of his tongue. Mal keeps up the slow pace letting the sensations build on each other until he canít stand it any more.

He suddenly shifts his angle of penetration and presses in hard. Simonís neck snaps up and his body convulses as he cries out in pleasure as Mal hits his prostate. Mal encourages Simon to rise up on his hands and knees and he grips Simonís hips and begins to jerk his own hips forward in short, hard jabs that pound his cock against Simonís prostate.

ďMal, oh, oh Ö. God. Harder,Ē Simon moans as his body shudders with ecstasy. Mal obliges, hammering his hips against Simonís ass. Their bodies slap together noisily and sweat drips from Malís hair onto Simonís back as he increases the depth and speed of his thrusts. He reaches around Simonís hip and slides his fingers along the shaft of Simonís straining cock and up to the dripping head. Mal slides his hand around the head and down the shaft a few times, coating his hand and Simonís cock in pre-come before beginning to jerk Simon off. Using long hard pulls, Mal soon has Simon arching and moaning and thrusting into his hand.

Simon moans and pants, gasping for air as his body shudders and shakes under Mal. He can feel himself beginning to fall apart as the sensations intersect and multiply and he clutches tightly at the sheets, twisting them between his fingers as he rocks between the hand on his cock and the cock in his ass. With a loud cry, Simon comes hard, spurting hot streams of come over Malís hand again and again.

Simonís arms and legs give out and Mal rides him down onto the bed. With one last hard thrust into Simonís quivering body, Mal groans Simonís name and begins to shudder as an intense orgasm rips through him.

They lie there in a limp tangle of body parts, gasping for air for several minutes until Mal rolls them over onto their sides. Mal pulls out as gently as he can, but Simon still hisses in pain. Mal strokes his hip and kisses the back of his neck. Simon turns in his arms and looks at him, his eyes still dazed from his orgasm. Mal leans in and kisses him softly.

ďYou okay?Ē he asks as he strokes gentle fingers up and down Simonís spine.

ďBetter than,Ē Simon replies with a slow, sexy smile before cupping Malís face in his hand and kissing him tenderly.

They continue exchanging light kisses and gentle caresses until they drift off to sleep, wrapped tightly around each other.

Mal re-enters the room quietly with a tray of food Ė mostly assorted fruit, some toast, orange juice, and coffee. He shuts the door silently behind him and just looks at the scene before him ĖSimon, sprawled across the bed on his stomach, the sheets twisted around his lower body.

Mal smiles at the vision of debauchery, a thrill going through him at the sight until Simon shifts slightly and the sheet slips, exposing his hip and one perfect curve of his ass, and Mal sees the finger-shaped bruises on the once immaculate skin. He puts the tray down on the table near the door and walks quickly over to the bed, feeling guilty. He hadnít realized that he had gotten so rough. As he sits beside Simon, Mal goes over the night before and tries to remember exactly when it happened. He canít.

Mal leans forward and gently kisses each of the bruises purpling Simonís hip and bottom. As he strokes them lightly with his fingers, Simon rolls over onto his side and looks up at him sleepily.

ďSimon, Iím so sorry,Ē Mal says contritely. ďI didnít mean to hurt you.Ē

Simon looks at Malís hand on his hip and covers it with his own. He smiles and replies, ďDonít worry Mal, theyíre only bruises. Iíll heal.Ē Seeing the concerned look on Malís face, Simon continues, ďReally, Mal. They donít hurt, I didnít even notice them until just now.Ē

He grabs the open edges of Malís shirt and pulls him down for a long, slow kiss. Simon slides his hands inside the shirt and strokes his fingers across the warm skin. Mal moans quietly into his mouth when Simon finds a nipple and begins to run his thumb over it, teasing it into a sharp peak.

When they finally break for air, Mal says in a slightly shaky voice, his pulse pounding in his ears, ďI brought breakfast.Ē

Simon slides his tongue across Malís jaw to his ear and whispers, ďMore sex now. Food later.Ē

ďYouíre insatiable,Ē Mal gasps as Simon begins to nibble on his reattached ear, sending sharp spikes of pleasure jolting through him. While teasing Mal awake in the middle of the night, Simon had discovered that this ear was particularly sensitive to touch and most especially to the scraping of teeth combined with the heat and wetness of his tongue. Simon licks the soft shell of Malís ear and a full body shudder runs through the larger man.

ďThat a complaint?Ē Simon asks with a smile, his eyes dancing with joy and darkening with lust, his fingers working the fastenings on Malís pants.

ďNo,Ē Mal gasps out as Simonís fingers brush against his cock. ďJust a gleeful observation of fact.Ē

Simon chuckles and kisses Mal fiercely as he continues to undress his lover.