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Shut Yer Pretty Mouth

Notes: Written for the second LJ FF_Friday challenge. Topic: First kiss

He's drunk. He must be. Because Jayne is kissing him, and he's kissing him back.

Jayne's hands hold his head firmly, fingers buried deep in his soft dark hair. His hands are pressed against Jayne's broad chest. He should be pushing him away, but, strangely, he's not.

Their lips are pressed firmly together until Jayne strokes his tongue lightly along the edge of his lips, and a soft moan pours out of him. His mouth opens, allowing Jayne to plunge his tongue between his lips. Their tongues meet and caress and a low groan escapes from Jayne's throat. The kiss deepens as Jayne maps every curve and contour of his mouth. His hands clutch at Jayne's shirt, pulling him closer. When the need for air becomes too great, Jayne pulls back, sucks lightly on Simon's bottom lip, and then releases it with a wet pop.

Chest heaving, mind full of a mix of emotions he does NOT want to examine, lips swollen, Simon exclaims, "What the hell was that for?"

"Told ya ta stop flappin' that pretty mouth o' yours at me or I'd stop it for ya," Jayne growls.