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Stolen Moment

Notes: Written for the instasmut ladies. *smooch* gals

The kiss is soft and light, a bare brushing of lips over lips but it startles Simon into a gasp. Mal strokes his fingers lightly along Simonís jaw and deepens the kiss, sliding his tongue past his slightly parted lips and into the wet heat of Simonís mouth. Simon makes an indefinable sound and melts against him as their tongues meet and caress. Mal coaxes Simonís tongue into his mouth and sucks on it. Simon moans and clutches at his shoulders, pressing himself against the larger man. Mal tightens his hold and buries his hand in Simonís thick, dark hair. The once languid kiss becomes more and more urgent as they try to devour each other. The footsteps sounding down the corridor pulls them out of their lust induced haze and they jump quickly away from each other, trying desperately to arrange themselves into some semblance of propriety as Inara walks into view.

She walks past them with a polite nod, holding back a knowing smile.