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Notes: Written for the sixty-first Friday Firefly challenge on LJ. Topic: shoes

Simon looks down at his shoes. The toes are scuffed, the leather is cracking, the heels are worn, and the bright shine is long gone, never to fully return, no matter how hard he polishes them. Hes never had worn shoes before. Even as a child, at the first sign of any wear and tear, they would be replaced, the old ones discarded without a second thought.

But out here on the Rim, shoes are scarce, and not so easily replaceable. So hes been wearing the same shoes for just over a year now. These are the shoes he was wearing when he rescued his sister, when he found what became their new home when he found everything hed always wanted, but never knew he was looking for.

Hey, there you are, Mal says, wrapping his arms around Simon from behind and resting his head on his shoulder. Mal follows the path of Simons eyes. You know, we made pretty decent cash our last job, what say I shell out for some new shoes. Those ones are looking mighty worn.

Simon curls his arms around Mals and leans into his strong body. Simon shakes his head and says softly, No, I think Ill keep these. Ive grown rather attached to them.