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Notes: Written for the twelfth Friday Firefly challenge on LJ ( Topic: Money

Five hundred thousand credits. Five. Hundred. Thousand. That’s what the readout says.

He could buy a lot of weapons with that kind of cash. Hell, he could stop selling his skills, find a nice, big piece of land on a nice out of the way world and buy a ranch and breed horses, like he’s always wanted. A man could do a lot with that kind of cash.

Jayne shuts off the Cortex and strides down the corridor to Simon’s bunk and slides the door open forcefully and enters the room.

“God Jayne, how many times do I have to tell you to knock!” Simon exclaims in exasperation.

Jayne takes the two steps across the small room, grabs Simon by the shirt and jerks him close. Looking down into his startled eyes, Jayne growls, “Five hundred thousand credits.” And then Jayne pulls Simon closer and brushes his lips lightly with his own. “Good thing you’re worth more to me than that.” As Simon melts into his embrace, deepening the kiss, Jayne holds his lover tight, still amazed that he’s finally found something worth more to him than money.