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Stand Alones

Ostara  Merlin/Arthur NC-17. Merlin and Arthur have sex in a clearing. Interesting things happen. Part of the "Promise of a New Day" universe, but can be read alone.

Promise of a New Day  Merlin/Arthur NC-17. It starts off like any other day, but in a twenty-four hour period, everything changes.

Unseemly Attachment  Merlin/Arthur NC-17. One of Uther's allies makes a play for Merlin, spurring Arthur to action.


In the...

In the Forest  Merlin/Arthur NC-17. Arthur makes the first move while they're on a hunting trip on a hunting trip.

In the Armoury  Merlin/Arthur NC-17. Arthur gets down on his knees, much to Merlin's shock and enjoyment.

In the Pond  Merlin/Arthur NC-17. Wherein the boys get wet on a hot summer day.

In the Bedroom  Merlin/Arthur NC-17. Merlin and Arthur in Arthur's bed, making use of a day off.