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What's New

Sk8er Boi  McKay/Sheppard, R. Rodney goes to investigate some odd readings on the West Pier and finds something unexpected.


Stand Alones

All Wet  Jack/Daniel PG-ish. Jack and Daniel in a pool.

Body Heat  Jack/Daniel G. Trapped in a cave, Jack and Daniel have to huddle together for warmth.

Close Encounters  Jack/Daniel NC-17. Jack and Daniel make good use of a gap in the SGC's security system.

En Passant  NC-17. Episode tag for "Origin". Jack and Daniel reconnect.

Happy Birthday  Jack/Daniel NC-17. Itís Danielís birthday; tequila makes himÖdemanding.

Life's Too Short  Jack/Daniel NC-17. Daniel is more upset than he should be by Jack's brush with death.

Malibu  Cameron/Daniel NC-17. After a particularly rough mission, Cameron and Daniel take a road trip to Malibu.

Marks  Jack/Daniel NC-17. Jack makes a discovery about himself.

Naming Names  Jack/Daniel PG. Jack confronts Daniel about an injury that occurred on base.

Rain  Jack/Daniel NC-17. Jack finds a wet Daniel irresistible.

Sunday Afternoon  Jack/Daniel NC-17. Jack and Daniel and a couch.

A Trip to Wallyworld  Jack/Daniel G. Jack and Daniel buy some blinds.


At Sea

Adrift  Jack/Daniel G. A little post-Meridian angst.

Anchored  Jack/Daniel R. Daniel needs some reassurance that he's back. Sequel to Adrift. Takes place early in Season 7.

Blue Jeans and Barbeque

Blue Jeans  Jack/Daniel G. Jack finds out that Daniel doesnít always wear khakiís.

Barbeque  Jack/Daniel NC-17. Jack has a barbeque. Daniel wears *the* jeans.


Step Back  Jack/Daniel PG-13. Things between Jack and Daniel change after an incident off world.

Step Aside  Jack/Daniel PG-13. Jack and Daniel side step around their friends' concerns.

Step Apart  Jack/Daniel PG-13. Jack eats pie and worries; Daniel drinks wine and reflects.

Step Together  Jack/Daniel R. Jack comes to a decision.

Steps: Epilogue  Jack/Daniel R. The morning after.


Stand Alones

Counterpoint  McKay/Sheppard PG. A brief look at John and Rodney over the span of 40 years.

Downtime  Gen, PG-13 (swearing). What happens when you mix scientists and rollerblades?

Facets  G. Stargate Atlantis. Very brief character studies of the main and some secondary characters.

Infection Control  PG, Gen, possible McKay/Sheppard if you squint. John gets an interesting diagnosis. Written for the sga_flashfic Documentation challenge.

Kindred Spirits  McKay/Vala PG-13. Episode tag for The Pegasus Project. Vala and Rodney bond over feeling particularly unwanted.

The Long and Winding Road  McKay/Sheppard (sort of); McKay/Ronon NC-17. Sometimes the path isn't as straight-forward as you would like it to be.

Path Not Taken  PG, John/Ronon. Sparring leads to kissing, leads to, well, read the title.

The Shower Scene  pairing withheld, NC-17. Episode tag for "Duet" (ep4, S2). Spoilers for the episode.

Spur of the Moment  McKay/Sheppard, PG. John and Rodney share a kiss in the puddlejumper. Written for the "McSmooch" community on Live Journal.


Altered States

Altered State  McKay/Sheppard NC-17. After offending the wrong Grand High Priestess, Rodney gets turned into a woman.

Altered State II  McKay/Sheppard NC-17. Rodney and John have to deal with unexpected consequences from Rodney's transformation. WARNING: Mpreg.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings  Daniel/Sheppard R. An SGA crossover. I've been saying for a while now that Daniel should have gone to Atlantis, so I decided to send him there. Could be considered very lightly spoilery for Season 9 of SG-1.

Promotion  Daniel/Sheppard NC-17. An SGA crossover AU. Daniel and John celebrate Sheppard's promotion.

Behind Closed Doors  Daniel/Sheppard NC-17. SGA Crossover AU. Daniel's got something on his mind.


Rebirth  McKay/Sheppard, NC-17. Episode tag for Common Ground. John makes a decision after his rebirth.

The Next Morning  McKay/Sheppard, PG-13. Dealing with the the aftermath of the next morning.


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