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Behind Closed Doors

Notes: Big beta love to dirty_diana who always makes it just that much better by pointing out when I go ooc.

The door swooshes open to reveal John leaning against the doorframe.

“You’re late,” Daniel says.

“Bumped into Rodney on the way here. You know how he is,” John says, his fingers and thumb meeting in the universal symbol for ‘blah, blah, blah’.

“I don’t care. My time is valuable. If you’re not going to take your language lessons seriously, maybe we should discontinue them,” Daniel replies.

John steps into the room. The door closes, and John goes to sit on the bed.

“My time is valuable?” John quotes. “Jesus, you’re spending too much time with McKay. His bad habits are rubbing off on you.”

“Oh, shut up,” Daniel replies and sits down next to him. “Language lessons were your idea, not mine.”

Daniel weaves his hands into John’s wild hair and pulls him into a long, slow kiss. He sucks lightly on John’s lip, and then runs the tip of his tongue over it. John sighs quietly and his eyes flutter closed. John’s arms go around Daniel and he leans into the kiss. Their tongues meet in a slow caress, and a shiver of pleasure goes through Daniel, raising a field of goose bumps along his skin. He drags his mouth along John’s jaw, lips catching lightly on a day’s worth of stubble. He darts his tongue out and tastes John’s skin – a mixture of sweat, soap and the cologne that he wears only on downtime days. John tilts his head back into Daniel’s hands, giving him easier access. Daniel takes full advantage – licking and sucking gently, being sure not to leave any lingering marks – until John grabs his head and pulls him into a fierce kiss.

Daniel’s hand drifts down to the zipper on John’s favourite sweater and he pulls the tab down in one steady pull. He puts his hands into the opening and slides them down John’s sides. John smiles against his mouth as Daniel’s fingers brush along a particularly ticklish spot. Daniel attacks the spot deliberately, just to hear John laugh. Daniel loves John’s laugh.

John squirms away, sliding further up on the bed. Grinning, Daniel follows him on hands and knees until John’s pressed up against the headboard with Daniel straddling his legs.

“Looks like some bad tactics on your part, Colonel,” Daniel says with a grin.

“Oh, I don’t know, Doctor Jackson, I think I have you just where I want you,” John replies, with a leer, and runs his hands up Daniel’s thighs. Daniel laughs and then leans down and captures John’s lips in a long kiss.

Daniel slowly pushes John’s sweater down off his shoulders, dragging his hands along John’s body. Without breaking the kiss, John reaches around Daniel and pulls the sweater off first one arm, and then the other. Daniel works his hands under the edge of John’s t-shirt and lays them flat against his skin. Daniel murmurs appreciation of the long, lean lines of John’s torso. John sits up and tugs his shirt up; Daniel’s hands following up John’s chest. He helps John pull the shirt over his head.

Daniel’s hands go straight back to John’s chest. He drags his fingers through John’s chest hair, sliding his thumbs over his nipples. John arches into his touch. Daniel smiles and leans in for another kiss.

John’s fingers get busy with the buttons on Daniel’s shirt. The kiss gets rougher and John shoves the shirt down over Daniel’s shoulders with Daniel trying to shrug out of it at the same time. They both laugh when it gets caught on Daniel’s hands. He quickly unbuttons the cuffs and pulls the shirt off and drops it onto the floor.

John reaches up and pulls Daniel down on top of him, their bodies fitting together easily. Daniel rests on his elbows and dips down for a teasing kiss. John follows him up and tries to deepen it, but Daniel pulls away, grinning.

“Oh, it’s going to be like that, is it?” John asks.

“Yup,” Daniel answers before licking John’s lower lip slowly. John groans. His fingers press hotly against Daniel’s back and begin to slide up and down his skin as Daniel continues teasing John’s mouth with his lips and tongue.

Daniel looks down at John – face flushed pink, eyes half-lidded with contentment and desire, lips wet from kisses – and a wave of pure lust goes through him. He plunges in for a fierce kiss – deep and possessive – and John matches his ferocity.

The rest of their clothes get discarded quickly, ending in a tangled pile on the floor at the foot of the bed. Entwined around each other, they kiss and stroke each other’s skin, grinding together until they’re both gasping. Daniel fumbles in the drawer for the lubricant and then encourages John to roll over onto his stomach.

He runs his hands down John’s back and over the curve of his ass, giving the firm surface a light smack.

“Hey! No rough stuff!” John exclaims with a grin, glancing over his shoulder, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Daniel leans down and kisses the very faint pink mark on John’s left ass cheek. “Better?”

“Much,” John says, settling back and spreading his legs in invitation.

Daniel takes the hint and leans in and licks a wet stripe over John’s opening. John loves being rimmed, and Daniel is more than happy to oblige. Daniel settles between John’s thighs and proceeds to use his tongue to make John gasp and beg for mercy. John is humping against the bed, writhing when Daniel finally stops to slick himself up. He slides two greased fingers easily into John, pumping and stretching until he can get a third in.

“All right, already,” John complains breathlessly. “Just fuck me.”

“Yes, sir,” Daniel says, pressing into John in one long, steady push. John shudders and gasps, while Daniel groans as John’s body clamps down around his cock.

“You pick now to start following my orders?” John says after Daniel’s curled over his back, his hips pressed tightly against John’s ass.

“What better time?” Daniel inquires, before nipping at John’s ear.

“Good point,” John replies, arching his hips upward.

Daniel gasps, braces himself with his arms, and starts to thrust, each push shoving John’s hips against the bed. Daniel’s rhythm is irregular, but relentless and soon both of them are soaked with sweat and gasping. John clutches the covers and moans loudly and Daniel knows he’s found John’s prostate.

Murmuring breathless endearments in John’s ear in several different languages, Daniel starts to pound into him, delighting in every single gasping moan he drives out of John. Spread flat over John’s body, Daniel curls his hands into John’s and thrusts harder and harder, forcing John’s cock against the sheets under him. They come within moments of each other, John’s fingers clamping tightly around Daniel’s as Daniel quietly cries out his name.

Daniel rests his full weight on John until John begins to squirm. Daniel rolls off and then curls against John’s side, resting his head on John’s chest. He throws an arm across John’s body and one long leg over both of John’s. John runs his fingers through Daniel’s hair and says, “So, what’s up?”

“Nothing,” Daniel replies.

John says nothing.

Daniel sighs, crumbling under the weight of the silence. “You know, sometimes I really hate that you know me so well.” John chuckles and strokes his hand down Daniel’s back. Daniel hugs John tighter and says quietly, “Jack and Sam are having a baby.”

John’s hand stills for a fraction of a second before he resumes and then he says, “So, what, you thought you’d get me back here and knock me up, too?”

Daniel can hear the grin in John’s voice, but he looks up at his face anyway. “Sort of?” Daniel replies hesitantly while John’s still talking.

John raises an eyebrow and says archly, “I think you’re SOL, there, Daniel, because I’m pretty sure that’s physically impossible, even in the Pegasus galaxy. Besides, I just don’t have the hips for it.”

Daniel laughs and presses his face against John’s chest before looking back up. “I don’t mean actually, John, I meant that it got me thinking and I just wanted to remind myself of everything I’ve got here.” He smiles softly up at John, who reaches out and runs his fingers over Daniel’s cheek.

“Do you want to have children?” he asks seriously.

Daniel shakes his head while saying, “I haven’t given it much thought, honestly. Sha’re and I didn’t talk about it. And then I spent an awfully long time carrying a torch for Jack, and now there’s you. And as you pointed out, you just don’t have the hips for it,” Daniel finishes with a grin.

“Then what’s wrong? Are you jealous?” he asks quietly, his face gone completely still.

Daniel pushes himself up and gives John a slow kiss. “Not the way you’re thinking. They get to get married and have babies; and here we are sneaking around like teenagers whose parents have forbidden them from seeing each other. It’s ridiculous for two grown men to have to act this way.”


“Shh, John, I know. I understand. It doesn’t mean I have to like it,” Daniel says and lies back down. He fiddles with John’s dog tags and presses a kiss against his chest. John goes back to stroking his fingers through Daniel’s hair.

“They want me to be the godfather,” Daniel says after a while. “Jack wants me to be there for the birth and he’s already pulling strings to get me on the Daedalus’ run in four months.”

“Godfather. Cool,” John says. Daniel hears the inhalation of breath. He looms up over John, looks down at him, and then pokes him hard in the chest. “John, I swear, if you do a Marlon Brando impersonation, I’m tossing you out into the hall bare-assed.”

“You and what army?” John replies.

“I doubt I’ll need an army; I outweigh you by at least forty pounds,” Daniel says smugly. “And you’re in no position to win.”

“Oh, really?” John asks with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“Really.” Daniel replies.

A brief, but enthusiastic wrestling match ensues, ending when John pins Daniel down on the mattress.

“You were saying?” John asks with a wide grin.

Daniel laughs.

“Crap,” John says, his eyes drifting to the clock on the bedside table.

“What?” Daniel asks.

“I told Rodney we’d be at movie night. He’s liable to come looking for us if we don’t show.”

“And what horrible torture does he have in store for us tonight?” Daniel asks.

John looks evasive and starts to squirm away. Daniel’s hands clamp down on John’s hips. “John.”

The Mummy,” John mutters.

“The Mummy,” Daniel groans and makes a moue of disgust. “What the hell did I ever do to that man to make him hate me so much?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get him back, I’ve got Back to the Future coming on the next run.”

“Oh, you are an evil man,” Daniel grins up at him. “Are you sure we have to go?”

“Yeah. Elizabeth is going to be there. She loves Brendan Fraser.”

Daniel sighs, giving in to the inevitable.