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New Beginnings

Notes: I’ve been saying for a while now that Daniel should be on Atlantis. So I made it happen. Mad love to dirty_diana for betaing this not once, but twice, and for telling me it didn’t suck.

Jack storms into his office, and waves a piece of paper at him.

“What the hell is this?” he practically shouts.

“If you stop waving it around and let me look at it, maybe I could tell you,” Daniel says calmly, knowing full well what has Jack so agitated.

Jack holds the item under Daniel’s nose.

“Hmm. Looks like it’s my request for transfer to the Atlantis mission.”

“And didn’t I already tell you that you can’t go?” Jack asks, crossing his arms, crumpling the transfer in the process.

“That was a year ago. Things have changed. Now I’m asking again.” He stands up, not wanting to look up at Jack while they’re arguing.

“And I’m still saying no.”


Jack frowns at him. “What do you mean, why? Same reason as before – you’re needed here.”

“Am I? What, exactly, am I doing here, that can’t be done just as well by any member of my team?” Daniel asks.

“You…uh…do…stuff,” Jack says haltingly, waving his hand around at the artifacts lying around Daniel’s office.

“Jack, you don’t need me here. Not anymore. They do. You’ve seen their mission reports. They need someone with more experience with Ancient and with dealing with alien cultures.”

“It’s a war zone. I’m not sending you into a war zone, dammit. It’s not safe.”

Daniel raises an eyebrow and Jack looks sheepish. “Jack, I can help them. Let me go,”

“I need you here.”

“No you don’t. You’re not even going to be here in a few months. You’re going to Washington. Let me have this, please.”

Jack opens and closes his mouth a few times. Daniel has no idea what’s going through Jack’s mind and he’s about to make his plea again when Jack says, “I’ll think about it,” before he turns and leaves.

It’s been one hell of a week, and Daniel is exhausted. He’s spent the last seven days sorting through all of his possessions, dividing them into “take to Atlantis”, “leave for the archeology team”, and “put into storage” piles, and he’s still a little shocked at how few of them he’s sent on ahead to his new home. He should be in bed sleeping, and yet, he’s awake at three in the morning the day before he’s scheduled to leave, wide awake, and unable to sleep.

Atlantis. It still seems so unreal to him. Sometimes he’s sure it’s a dream. But it’s not; Jack actually signed the papers, and he’s going to the lost city of the Ancients. Daniel looks around his apartment full of boxes and thinks how odd it is that with the number of times he’s left, died, his subconscious whispers, that this is the first time he’s gotten to pack his life away himself.

The team had come by and helped him finish packing up the apartment. Jack had brought beer and they had ordered a pizza. No one spoke of Daniel’s leaving, and it was almost like any other team night, but for the boxes that surrounded them and the sense of sadness in the air.

He wanders his apartment and ends up on the couch, staring at a picture of the four of them, grinning like loons at the camera. He’s going to miss them, but deep down he knows he’s doing the right thing.

Daniel stands in the Gateroom, saying a final goodbye to the people who have been his family for the last nine years. It’s just the four of them. There had been a party earlier in the day for everyone else to say their farewells, but for this, for them, Jack had cleared the room, sent everyone else away.

Daniel bows solemnly to Teal’c. Teal’c bows back, just as solemn. Teal’c’s lips quirk up at the corner and suddenly, draws Daniel into a firm hug.

“I will miss you DanielJackson,” Teal’c intones into his ear before releasing him.

“I’ll miss you, too, Teal’c,” Daniel answers, slapping Teal’c on the shoulder.

He turns to Sam, whose eyes are suspiciously bright, and smiles. “See you around, Sam. Try to leave some scientific mysteries for other people to solve, okay?”

She smiles back at him and says, “Be careful out there. Try not to touch anything.”

Daniel makes a face at her as Jack chuckles at her side. Daniel tugs Sam into his arms, dips her suddenly, and gives her a solid kiss on the lips before setting her upright. “Always wanted to do that,” he says, grinning at her. She flushes to the roots of her hair; and flushes even deeper at Jack’s wolf-whistle.

“Jack.” Daniel sticks out his hand.

“Daniel.” Jack takes it.

“It’s been…”

“Yes, it has.”

They grin at each other and Jack pulls Daniel into a hug. “See you around, Space Monkey.”


Jack just smiles and lets him go. Daniel nods at him, shoulders his backpack and heads up the ramp with a little wave backward at everyone. He gets to the edge of the wormhole and stops.

“Fuck it,” he says, turns and goes back down the ramp.

“Daniel?” Sam asks, “What’s wrong?”

He ignores her, grabs Jack by the front of his BDU jacket, pulls him forward, and kisses him. He lingers just long enough to flick his tongue against Jack’s lips and then he steps back, letting Jack go.

“Always wanted to do that, too,” Daniel says to Jack before he spins on his heel and practically runs up the ramp and through the wormhole to the not-sound of Jack’s shock and Sam’s muttered, “Holy Hannah.”

When he steps out of the wormhole, he’s a bit disoriented, almost like the first time, but without the gut-twisting nausea. It’s the only sign that the trip wasn’t the same “short” jaunt as usual. Daniel gets his equilibrium back fairly quickly, takes one look at his surroundings and knows his jaw has fallen open. It’s more than he could imagine, so much better than the images sent back to them. He spins slowly in a circle, trying to take it all in, vaguely aware of Dr. Weir standing at the head of the ramp, saying something to him.

“Dr. Jackson, Dr. Jackson. DANIEL!”

It’s more the hand on his arm than the shouting that catches his attention. He turns to look at the person shaking him. It’s Rodney McKay. “Oh, hi Rodney. Nice place you have here.” He grins at Rodney. Rodney smirks at him.

“What? This old place? This is nothing.”

“Dr. Jackson, it’s nice to see you again,” Elizabeth says.

Daniel smiles at her. “Elizabeth.” He glances at the man that’s standing beside her. He nods in acknowledgement. “Major Sheppard.”

“Dr. Jackson,” the Major replies. “Good to have you here.”

“Okay, now that old home week is over with,” Rodney says acidly, “Do you want to see the rest of the place?”

“Hell, yeah,” Daniel says.

Three months later

John and Daniel are in the east wing of the complex that they’d found when flying over what had initially appeared to be a barren moon. Rodney, Ford, and Teyla are in the west wing. When Daniel had first arrived, everyone had thought it for the best to team him up with Rodney – someone he had worked with previously and knew. John realized their mistake on the first mission, when it had taken over a half-hour of arguing just for them to decide where to start. Halfway through the second mission, John had had enough of the constant bickering and sniping that he had separated them. Since then, he accompanies Daniel in his explorations, leaving Rodney to Ford and Teyla. It’s the best division possible – one of the stipulations that Colonel O’Neill had inserted in Daniel’s transfer papers was that under no circumstances was Daniel to receive the ATA gene therapy, stating that it was in everyone’s best interest to ensure that “Mr. Touch First, Ask Questions Later” couldn’t set anything off accidentally.

John’s already activated the console that they found, more or less just turning the lights on, while Daniel searches for anything with writing on it. He finds a hand unit tucked in a corner and picks it up. He starts deciphering the symbols on the casing, trying to figure out its purpose, when John puts his hand on Daniel’s shoulder and leans forward for a better look at the device.

“Anything interesting? Need me to work my magic?” John asks him waggling the fingers of his free hand at the octagonal-shaped object Daniel’s holding.

Daniel turns his head slightly towards John to answer and his breath catches in his throat. He is suddenly, violently aware of exactly how close John is and how good he smells. “Daniel?” John asks, looking at him, frowning slightly.

Their eyes meet. Daniel’s sure it’s a trick of the light, but he could almost swear John’s pupils dilate. Daniel blinks slowly, trying to focus on answering John, instead of on the heat of John’s hand where it rests on his shoulder. He starts to lick his lips, about to answer, and suddenly, John’s mouth is on his and the hand on his shoulder has moved to his head and John’s holding him there as his tongue delves into Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel stands stunned for about two seconds and then he turns into the kiss, curling one arm around John and drawing him closer, pressing their bodies together. John kisses him harder, pushing him backward until his ass hits the console. John’s other hand comes up into his hair and he starts sucking on Daniel’s tongue.

He barely hears the clatter when he drops the Ancient device before he buries his hand in John’s hair. They’re out of control, kissing frantically and a part of Daniel’s brain is screaming at him that this is a really, really bad idea, but the rest of him doesn’t care. All it cares about is the press of John’s mouth, the way he tastes, and most of all, the hot, hard length of him pressed against his thigh.

John pulls off Daniel’s mouth and uses his hand hold in his hair to tilt Daniel’s head back so that he can drag his lips down Daniel’s neck. Daniel gasps for air and then moans softly when John finds the spot behind his left ear that seems to be hard-wired straight to his dick. He can feel John’s grin against his skin before John grazes the spot gently with his teeth.

He’s tugging at John’s t-shirt when John’s radio crackles to life.

::Major? We’re almost done here. Did you and Dr. Jackson find anything?::

Fumbling for his radio, John replies, “Yes, Dr. McKay, we found something. A control panel and a handheld device of some kind.” John glances down at the device on the floor. “The handheld might be broken, though.”

Daniel has to stifle the laughter threatening to bubble out of him. John tries to glare at him, but can’t quite seem to keep the grin off his face.

::Goddamnit!:: McKay exclaims. ::Fine. I’ll be there in a few minutes. McKay out.::

John steps back and straightens his clothing.

“We probably shouldn’t have done that,” John says casually.

“Probably not,” Daniel replies just as casually, giving John an out.

“Maybe next time, we should go somewhere where we’re less likely to be interrupted?”

Daniel keeps his voice steady when he says, “That sounds like a good plan to me.”

John smiles and leans in and they kiss until Rodney’s grumbling voice echoing down the corridor breaks them apart.

Six months later

“Major Sheppard, a word,” Jack says, and beckons John into the meeting room that he’s using as an office while on his brief tour of Atlantis. They are, without a doubt, the most ominous sounding words John has heard in a long time. He doesn’t know why, but ever since the General stepped through the Gate that morning, he’s been giving John a look that he just can’t place; he just knows that it makes him feel vaguely guilty. He finds out why when the door closes and O’Neill starts to talk.

Daniel’s in his room, agonizing over a translation when he hears the door open. There are only two people on base who would barge in without knocking, and he’s pretty sure Rodney won’t be doing it again after the last time. That leaves John. Daniel smiles and turns around to find his lover looking very ruffled and flustered.

Daniel frowns. “John?” He gets up and walks towards him.

“Why didn’t you tell me you and the General had a thing?” he exclaims.

Daniel’s frown deepens. “Thing?” he says in bewilderment. “We never had a thing.”

“Really? Then why did he just spend the last twenty minutes telling me in excruciating detail exactly what he was going to do to my innards if I so much as even thought about hurting you?” John asks, ruffling a hand through his hair.

Daniel’s eyebrows crawl up into his hairline. “He what?”

“You heard me,” John replies.

Daniel smiles, softly. “Really?”

“Yes, goddamnit. And stop looking so pleased. I thought you said you never had a thing.” John crosses his arms over his chest.

“We didn’t,” Daniel says sincerely, moving closer. He runs his hand comfortingly along John’s arm. “Well, I kissed him once, but that was it.”

John steps away. “You KISSED him?”

“Don’t get so excited. I kissed Sam, too,” Daniel says calmly, following John. He puts his hand on John’s arm again.

“Sam?” John asks, quirking an eyebrow.

“Samantha Carter,” Daniel says. His thumb strokes slow circles on John’s bicep.

“McKay’s Samantha?”

Daniel laughs. “Yes, but don’t ever let her hear you call her that. She’d kick your ass. But what I’d like to know is how he knew,” Daniel says, perplexed, his brows coming together in a frown.

“Fucked if I know,” John replies, sighing. His posture has relaxed somewhat and Daniel presses in closer. John puts his arms around Daniel.

“So, no thing?” John asks, looking into Daniel’s eyes.

“No thing,” Daniel states unequivocally.

“Good,” John says. “I really hated being a lieutenant.” And then leans in for a kiss. Daniel meets him halfway. The kiss is slow and gentle. Daniel’s fingers work under John’s t-shirt. He strokes his fingers down John’s spine. “Lock the door.”

John laughs and touches the door, thinking ‘lock’. “Yeah, we don’t want Rodney walking in again, do we?”

Daniel just gives him a look that sends his blood supply to his groin, and tugs John towards the bed by the front of his shirt.

Jack finds Daniel in his lab, standing in front of a large display of some piece of Ancient equipment, arms crossed, pencil tapping against his lips, muttering to himself as he tries to work out the translation. He glances briefly over his shoulder at Jack and then goes back to the display.

“Coffee?” Jack asks, holding up the mug in his hand.

“Thanks,” Daniel says, accepting it. He takes a sip, blinks; takes another sip. He had been expecting the basic, barely drinkable military coffee, what he has is his favourite blend, found only in a few specialty shops. He closes his eyes and takes another sip, moaning just a little. Jack laughs.

“Should I leave you two alone?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow.

“Maybe,” Daniel replies, grinning at him.

Jack waves the airtight canister in his other hand. “I’ve got more.”

Daniel puts the mug down on his desk and takes the canister reverentially from Jack. He hides it on a high shelf behind some textbooks. He picks up his coffee and leans against his desk. Things are quiet while he drinks his coffee and Jack fiddles with all of the artifacts within his reach.

“So,” Jack says. “You kissed me.”

“Yes, I did,” Daniel answers, matter-of-factly.

“How long have you been…uh…” Jack waves his hand around in a vaguely limp-wristed fashion.

“I think the word you’re looking for is bisexual, Jack,” Daniel replies. “And always.”

“Really?” Jack says with some surprise.

“A military base isn’t exactly the safest place to let it be widely known that from time to time you like to take it up the ass, Jack.”

Jack winces.

“Too much information?” Daniel inquires with mock innocence.

“Just a bit,” Jack replies, holding his fingers up with a bare millimeter of space between them.

“Besides, military guys are so closeted they’re usually not good for much more that a quick fuck in a storage closet – and before you ask, no I’m not telling who – I wanted more than that,” Daniel says with a shrug.

“It was Davis, wasn’t it?”


“That weasel. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t like him.”

“Eight years, and now you get jealous?”

“That long?” Jack asks, his eyes going wide with shock.

“Close to,” Daniel replies, the room full of things left unspoken.

Jack looks away from Daniel, not able to maintain eye contact. It gets quiet for a few moments, Daniel drinking his coffee and Jack picking at the edge of his jacket.

“So, what about Sheppard? He’s military.”

“I never expected it to be more than a one-time thing,” Daniel says with a fond smile. “He kept coming back.”

“Is it safe here?”

“We told Elizabeth, and she doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t interfere with missions. Rodney knows, but we’re pretty discrete for the most part, so I don’t think anyone else does. Or at least no one that’s going to have a problem with it.”

“You told McKay?” Jack exclaims, utterly incredulous.

Daniel laughs. “You know how he has a habit of barging into rooms, ranting about something? Well, he barged into my room rather late one night and got a bit of an eyeful.”

Jack chuckles. “Bet it shut him up, though.”

“For about two seconds and then he started bitching about how he was now scarred for life and how was he ever going to be able to sit across the briefing table from us ever again. We had a lot of fun that week.” Daniel grins.

“I almost feel sorry for the guy.” Jack pauses. “Almost.”

“How did you know?”

Jack shrugs. “I know I can be oblivious sometimes, but I know you, Daniel. It would be obvious to anyone who had ever seen you with Sha're,” Jack says. The room goes still and quiet, until it’s broken once again by Daniel’s voice.

“So, Jack. Why are you really here?”

Jack sighs. He should have known Daniel would have figured it out, somehow. He joins him on the desk. “Carter and I are getting married,” he says.

“Carter?” Daniel says.

“Okay, fine, Sam. Sam and I are getting married, and I won the coin toss. I get to ask you to be my best man. Be glad I used the rigged quarter. You’d look awful in taffeta.”

Daniel laughs. “So, you’re back in Colorado?”

“No, she took a post in Washington.”


“Thanks. So, will you?”

“Be your best man? Sure, Jack, I’d be happy to. When’s the wedding?”

“In three months.” Jack pauses. “You can bring Sheppard, if you want. Sam won’t mind. She’ll be happy that you’ve found someone.”

“Thanks, Jack, but considering the number of military personnel that are going to be there, I don’t think John would be that comfortable about coming as my date, do you?”

“Um. No, probably not.”

Daniel glances at his watch. “I have to get this translation done, I have a meeting in twenty.”

Jack stands up. “I’ll leave you to it, then. Later.”

“Later,” Daniel replies, already turning to the display. “Oh, and Jack?”

Jack turns at the doorway. “Yes?”

“For the record, I look fantastic in taffeta,” Daniel says, grinning.

Jack laughs and continues on his way.