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Notes: I didn't intend to write another story set in the "Daniel goes to Atlantis" universe, but a rabid bunny cornered me (with encouragement from dirty_diana). Big beta love to raynedanser, who told me it was good; skrippy, for not letting me be lazy; and dirty_diana, for telling me that it didn't require any more fiddling.

Sequel to New Beginnings. Takes place an undetermined amount of time after it.

John quietly curses Elizabeth for deciding to make a big deal out of his promotion. He hates the pomp and circumstance that comes along with a formal ceremony, and he really hates wearing a goddamn tie. He straightens it one last time and shrugs into his jacket. He figures he’ll button the damn thing right before the presentation. He grabs his hat and heads towards the door. He’s a few steps away when it opens and Daniel walks in wearing a very nice, well-fitting, navy blue suit.

“Woah,” John murmurs, a little awestruck at the sight before him. He whistles in appreciation.

Daniel grins at him, holding his arms out, so that John can get a good view. “What? Never saw a guy in a suit before?”

“Come to think of it,” John answers, returning the grin. “No.” John fingers the brim of his hat and then says, “Not that I mind, but…”

“Why am I here?”


“So that I can do something I can’t do out there,” Daniel says, stepping towards John. He takes off his glasses and tucks them into a pocket, and then he takes John’s hat, and tosses it, like a Frisbee, onto the bed. John frowns and is just about to ask Daniel what he means when Daniel’s hands cup his face and Daniel leans in for a long, slow, delicious kiss.

As Daniel’s tongue slides into his mouth and curls around his tongue, John wonders idly just how much shit he’d be in with Elizabeth if he were to be late for his own promotion ceremony. Daniel pulls back slowly and brushes his thumb over John’s lips before saying, “Congratulations.”

John gives him what he’s sure is a dazed grin, and says, “Thanks.” He watches as Daniel covetously slides his hands down the front of his uniform and then back up to straighten his tie.

“I’m going to need you to fuck me later,” Daniel says in a rough, low voice that sends warmth pooling into John’s groin, before he steps back and digs into his pocket for his glasses.

“What’s wrong with now?” John asks with a somewhat shaky voice.

“Because the ceremony starts in ten minutes and that’s not enough time for what I have in mind.” Daniel grins wickedly at him and then leaves.

Great, John thinks, sighing heavily. Not only do I have to suffer through a formal ceremony, I have to do it sporting wood. Suddenly very grateful for the length of the jacket on the Class As, John buttons up and retrieves his hat.

John walks into his room and tosses his hat onto the chair in the corner. Running his hand through his hair, he wonders how long he’ll have to wait before Daniel shows up.

“Oh God, that was interminable,” Daniel says as he enters. Not long, apparently, John thinks, smiling.

“Why do you think I hate them so much?” John gripes. But he knows that Elizabeth was right – Atlantis needed something like this, to bring them all together, to give them a reason to celebrate. It’s why he let her talk him into it in the first place. Even the science geeks had abandoned their labs to come watch Elizabeth pin the little silver oak leaves onto his uniform. Although, John’s pretty sure that they had only come for the booze – the Athosian ale was flowing freely when he managed to escape.

“How’d you get here so quick? Last time I checked, McKay had you cornered.”

Daniel grins. “Simple as pie, I just told him Airman Jones thought he was cute and off he went.” He tucks his glasses into his jacket pocket and throws it onto John’s hat.

John looks hard at him. “That seems kind of cruel.”

“Why?” Daniel asks, yanking off his tie, and tossing it in the general direction of the chair. “It’s true.”

As John tries to wrap his brain around that, Daniel closes the distance between them. Any further conversation is stopped by Daniel’s mouth on his. Soft demanding lips press against his, an insistent tongue pushing into his mouth, as deft fingers start to unbutton his jacket.

He’s so surprised by the passionate kiss that he doesn’t even notice that Daniel has been steadily guiding him backward, until his knees hit the edge of his bunk and he goes down in a sprawl, catching himself on his elbows. Daniel straddles him and kisses him again. Daniel shoves his jacket off his shoulders and then loosens his tie before breaking the kiss, so that he can pull the tie over John’s head.

Daniel cups his face and gives him one last long, lingering kiss before sliding down between his knees, trailing his hands down John’s chest, to his pants. John drops his head back as Daniel opens his pants. He looks back again when Daniel frees his cock from the confines of his underwear and he groans when Daniel leans in and licks a hot, wet stripe up the shaft. Smiling up at him like the Cheshire cat, Daniel's mouth engulfs his cock.

John closes his eyes and rests his hand lightly on Daniel’s hair. Daniel is so fucking good at this – just the right amount of suction and movement to drive him absolutely insane. He’s making the most embarrassing sounds, but he doesn’t care, just as long as Daniel doesn’t stop what he’s doing with his tongue. John tries to stop himself from thrusting, but his hips seem to have a mind of their own and they arch upwards. Instead of choking, Daniel just swallows John down, throat muscles working tightly against his cock.

He whimpers in pleasure, fingers tightening involuntarily in Daniel’s hair. He’s going to come any second now, he can feel the orgasm building and building, and he’s so close, and then Daniel slides his mouth up and off of his cock.

“Daniel!” John exclaims in a ragged voice. “Don’t stop.”

“Did you forget that you’re supposed to fuck me?” Daniel asks mischievously as he stands up. John’s cock jerks visibly at the husky tone Daniel uses.

“No?” John says, the lie making it a question.

Daniel smiles at him and undoes his pants. “Liar. Make yourself useful and get the lube.” Daniel finishes taking off his pants and peels off his underwear as John gropes under the bed. Leaving his shirt on, Daniel straddles John again and takes the tube from him and squeezes a generous portion onto John’s fingers.

John considers teasing Daniel, but he knows he’ll never last if he does, so he gets down to business, slipping a finger into the tight pucker. Daniel moans and latches onto his mouth in a deep kiss. As John works his fingers into Daniel’s ass, Daniel unbuttons his shirt and slides his hands up and down John’s chest, rubbing his thumbs over John’s nipples, teasing them into sharp peaks. John arches into Daniel’s touch. John slicks himself up and gets aligned, before he has a chance to guide Daniel down, Daniel sits down, impaling himself on John’s cock.

Everything grays out for about half a second as John forgets how to breathe. “Jesus Christ, Daniel!”

Daniel’s face is red and his hands are clenched tightly on John’s shoulders as he draws in a shuddering breath. “Hard, John. I want it hard and fast and dirty.” And then Daniel starts to move, using his grip on John’s shoulders to pull himself up and drop himself back onto John’s cock. The angles are all wrong for the best leverage, but John does his best, grabbing Daniel by the hips and pulling down as he thrusts upward. When Daniel moans loudly and increases his pace, John knows he’s found Daniel’s prostate. He thrusts upward again, hard, and Daniel gasps.

They kiss sloppily, a clash of lips and tongue and teeth, moaning and gasping into each other’s mouths, and sweat drips off them. Daniel’s breathing is getting ragged and a steady stream of “oh Gods” pours quietly from him as he writhes in John’s lap. John reaches between them and curls his fingers around Daniel’s cock. Two full-hand strokes are all it takes and then Daniel is spurting all over his hand. As Daniel’s ass clenches around his cock, John comes, groaning Daniel’s name.

Daniel rests his head against John’s and they both gasp for air. John collapses back onto the bed and takes Daniel down with him.

“Jesus. I think you just killed me,” John says.

“I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be talking,” Daniel replies.

John strokes his hand through Daniel’s sweat-dampened hair. “Oh, right, my mistake.” They both chuckle quietly and then Daniel shifts uncomfortably. John lets him go so that he can straighten out. He curls against John’s side, rests his head on John’s shoulder and flings an arm over his chest. John leans his head against Daniel’s and then glances down and sighs.

“What?” Daniel mumbles into his neck, already half asleep.

“You know they don’t have drycleaners here, right?” John is greeted with silence.

Hours later, after Daniel has crept back to his room, like some dirty little secret, John sits on the bed, fingering the shiny new insignia on the collar of his stained shirt and wonders if it’s worth it. Worth sleeping alone in an empty bed that still smells of Daniel. Worth pretending that he hasn’t found what he’s been looking for.

He could just say fuck it all – be reckless, put an end to the ridiculous charade, and make sure everyone knows. It would be wonderful to be selfish, to not think about anyone else, and just do what makes him happy.

But the Wraith are still out there. And he has a responsibility – one he can’t just walk away from, no matter how much he may wish to. He puts the shirt down, and climbs into his empty bed and stares at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to come.