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What's New

Dress You Up  Derek/Stiles, NC-17. Stiles is spending a lot of time with the queens at The Jungle. He goes out with them on Halloween and bumps into Derek. Sex happens.

Stand Alones

Girl Trouble  Stiles/Derek, NC-17. Stiles gets turned into a girl. It catches Derek's attention.

Just Dance  No specific pairing, but you could launch a lot of ships from this pier, PG for minors consuming alcohol. Turns out Stiles can dance. People notice.


First and Last and Always

First and Last and Always  Stiles/Derek, NC-17. Derek is Stiles' first everything. A story about the progression of their relationship from first kiss to graduation.

First and Last and Always: More  Stiles/Derek, NC-17. Stiles fucks Derek. Honestly, there's really not that much more to say...